• Hairstyle

    Prediction Of Short Hair In 2020 — Short Bob Hair

    Bob hair is actually popular in the upper class in the 1920s and gradually accepted by the public stratum , but the controversy still exists. However, no matter how loud the opposition is, every era's character women will adhere to their own ideas. Now, Bob hair is one of the most popular hair styles for women. There is no doubt about its fashion sense.

  • Nails

    50 Ways To Open The Classic French Nails

    French nail means that in the leading edge of nature, a line with a perfect arc is depicted clearly and accurately with a single nail polish, and the width and arc of a pair of hands are kept in visual consistency. It is popular with women because of its simple and refreshing appearance. The style of french nail, which is neither ostentatious nor embellished, makes it becomes the universal nail design language all over the world.

  • Tattoo

    50 Shoulder Tattoos Bring Implicit Sexuality

    Any part body of a woman all can be sexy. But if I had to make a choice,i prefer to think shoulder is the most sexy part. If you don't believe it, you will find that those girls who are used to wearing suspenders or shoulder suits are very temperamental. On the one hand is their temperament, on the other hand, girls show their shoulders, and their manners will be better naturally.

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