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    How to draw eye makeup to make eyes more attractive?

    Today, I will introduce a new eye makeup ideas for you. That is called cut crease. Cut Crease is to use concealer to Cut off the color cover of the upper eyelid and forcibly increase the structural contrast of the eye area.To put it bluntly, a wider double eyelid and a deeper eye socket are artificially painted on the eyelids. The contrast between the depth of color and light and shade makes the eyes look more layered and attractive. For example, the following picture is a very typical Cut Crease drawing method.

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    21 Gorgeous beauty makeup Ideas for party and date!

    When it comes to makeup and beauty, each woman wants to look and feel beautiful. Since you will probably be wearing your everyday makeup,The everyday natural makeup look is always great! To all you girls that do love wearing makeup, have you ever thought about wearing a different makeup something cheerful something colorful? Colorful eye makeup gets more popular since many woman staying at home Opened live broadcast via youtube, instgram, facebook and other social network. Check out these beautiful and colourful makeup looks, these colourful makeup up looks are the easiest way to update your look.

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    How To Draw Natural Wheat Face Makeup Looks For Beginners ?

    "Natural makeup" is the light and elegant makeup, which is based on good skin. Makeup steps include eyebrows, blush, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. If you want to achieve a good light make-up effect, you can only choose one of them for detailed depiction except lip-color mascara, and the rest should be simplified. Today we introduce how to draw a natural makeup looks for beginners step by step.

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    Creative Colored Eye Liner Makeup Looks By Eye shadow Palette

    When refering to colored eyeliner, many people think it is exaggerated and not suitable for daily life. In fact, most of the reasons are that you don't know much about colorful eyeliner, let alone using it correctly, if you can use colorful eyeliner well, the makeup you draw will give you a beautiful surprise that you have never seen before! So, how to draw colorful eyeliner? Next, the editor will share with you a demonstration painting of colorful makeup. I hope you can make better use of colorful eyeliner!

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    Why Is It Every Girl’s Dream To Wear Awesome Dior Dress?

    Every year in February, when we are celebrating the Spring Festival, it also happens to be the Hollywood award season. Like the Spring Festival of ordinary people, the female stars on the red carpet really take what to wear seriously. Take the Golden Globe award a while ago as an example, I found that many stars Gao Ding to add themselves, and many of the impressive dresses came from Dior.

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    20 Charming Natural Makeup Looks Ideas For Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is around the corner. How to make yourself more beautiful and pretty in your dating? Well, Natural makeup is always a good way on any occasion, which will never go out of fashion. It is aimed at enhancing your beautiful facial features without altering them dramatically. Yet, it allows you to disguise any flaws you might have. Find the most inspirational ideas in our guide.

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    How To Makeup As A Super Star —Makeup Tutorial Step By Step For Beginners

    Although plain appearance is the true beauty, but in some occasions it is necessary to make up simply, so you still need to learn to make up. But make-up is not as simple as imagined. Only cosmetics don't know how to choose, let alone the right make-up. Therefore, if you want to learn how to paint makeup, you need to know what cosmetics are needed for makeup, and at the same time, you need to know the order of using these cosmetics, so that you can draw a beautiful makeup.

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