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Stay Breezy, Elegant and Unique

Lovely and beautiful succulent plants can always make people see hope and love!


Only in two ways can people not take money seriously. The first one is health .And the second one is freedom. When two challenges are put in front of us at the same time, we finally find that, immunity is a person’s greatest competitiveness! By chance, someone told me that raising suculent can improve immunity. So I start my life with succulent plants.

In daily life, these small and delicate plants are taken care of by us. But you know, these seemingly weak plants can also flourish incredibly! How amazing!


Many people think succulent is small and don’t like to put it in the sun. Therfore, gradully the succulent grows longer and wither. In fact, fleshy people like sunshine. In addition to avoiding exposure to the sun in summer, they can stay in the sun at other times.

Moreover, after being exposed to the Sun, the color of the fleshy will be especially beautiful.


one principle is not to dry and not to pour, and to pour thoroughly. But it does not mean that if the soil is completely dry and then watering. The dry soil will definitely cause the dry death of the capillary root system. If watering again, it will easily cause fungal infection and black rot.
Don’t water half of the water, and don’t water it often.

Soil and fertilization:

Most fleshy plants like soil with good air permeability. And that is why we often see that the basin soil is mixed with perlite, or sandy soil with good air permeability and faster water evaporation.It it is not easy to rot roots.

In fact, there is basically no need to fertilize. If the growth is good and the size of the basin is appropriate, it is a good time to change a batch of soil . If you want to fertilize, you should also pay attention to the dosage. It is better to use slow-release fertilizer, which is too late.

Also, pay attention to ventilation ~

I love my succulent plants in my house . And these lovely succulents give me hope and love .

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