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36 Cool tattoo design and tattoo placement for girls


Women have many tattoo design options – from romantic and delicate floral and natural patterns to minimalist tattoos with words and lines and mini tattoos in small sizes. As for tattoo locations, the most common ones are on the shoulders, neck, ankles, wrists, behind ears, fingers, back, waist, and hips. However, you can get a tattoo anywhere. It all depends on whether you want to hide it in public or want people to see your tattoo on your body regularly.

What are fashionable tattoo designs for women?

Everything! There are no rules or restrictions – the limitless flight of imagination! Any stereotypes and norms will become a thing of the past. Modern tattoo technology is constantly improving. First of all – presentation quality, accuracy, good taste, and mastery of style.

Ahead is our selection of the best tattoo designs for women. Don’t forget to pin your favorite ideas.

Cool tattoo design and tattoo placement for girls
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