• Nails

    20 Lavender Coffin Nails Design For Acrylic Nails 2020

    Purple,Lavender, is a very fairy color. When it comes to purple, the adjectives that can be remembered include mystery, temperament, tenderness and so on. Because Purple is more versatile, many fairies will choose purple as the manicure style. In fact, choosing a purple coffin nails in any season will not appear out of date, because it is a color that does not choose the season ~

  • Tattoo

    78 Pretty Tiny Tattoo Design For Woman

    Have you never thought of tattoos? When you see the following subtle and so lovely semi-permanent tattoo, it may change your mind. A secret little tattoo, just make a motto for yourself, Record a Story, record a mental journey, and even record growth. Now the popular semi-permanent small tattoo is no longer a lifelong thing. It can automatically return after 2-3 years, and there is no need to worry about laser cleaning any more ~

  • Life

    40 Overwhelmed Stress Quotes To Get Inspired!

    We really live a hard life. First, we have to bear all kinds of external pressure, and we have to face our inner confusion. In the struggle, if someone cast an understanding look at you, you will feel the warmth of life. Maybe only a short glance is enough to move and excite me. Here we've collected some overwhelmed stress quotes to get inspired!

  • Nails

    70 Alluring acrylic coffin nails design for long nails!

    Acrylic Coffin Acrylic Nails are very fashionable as always and also one of the most popular nail shapes. The coffin nail, it's neve faded away from the fashion stage after many years of development, is chased by many stars and office lady, students,etc. Coffin nails can be manicured into many nail types such acrylic coffin nails , matte coffin nails glitter coffin nail ,etc. Or you can try diffirent colors such pink coffin nails, yellow coffin nails and blue coffin nails.

  • Nails

    Short almond nails make your fingers look slender.

    But not everyone is born to have a pair of slender beautiful hands, and congenital deficiencies need to be supplemented the day after tomorrow. Although the hand can be exercised through the maintenance of hand skin and hand exercises. But manicure can make hands more beautiful visually, especially if the short hands of meat want to make fingers look slender. Short almond nails, This is Kylie Jenner's favorite nail shape. This kind of nail shape, when you wipe the nail polish, is the effect of wearing fake nails, perfect but a little unreal.

  • Nails

    120+ Pretty Natural Short Square Nails Design For Summer Nails

    Summer is almost right here waiting for us, and it's a time of year calls you for entertainment nail art work ,which will cheer your time on some vibrant colors of electric yellow, barbie-pink, sharp white-colored, a lot more. And amond many nails shape, Natural short sqaure nails is one of the most popular nails type among girls. natural giltter naills, rhenistone nails, pretty short nails, matte short square nails, pink nails , leaf nails, etc.

  • Home Decor

    How To Raise Succulent Plants Which Is Not Easy To Die?

    or the maintenance of succulent plants, the first thing to do is to choose the ones with good quality and full succulent. If you buy them online, then cut off a part of the root system and buy a flowerpot that you like, when it is matched with the soil with multi-meat, because each kind of plant needs different nutrition, the multi-meat prefer dry rather than wet, so it is necessary to choose the breathable loose multi-meat soil.

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