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62 Chic summer nails 2022 color trends you can’t miss


As far as we know, this limitation does not exist when pinning inspiration. We want everything from simple solid colors to dramatic manicures this summer. Regardless of your inclination, there is a nail look you’ll love. We’ve rounded up the 20 most coveted nail art trends of the season, straight from celebrities and manicurists. DIY summer? We’ll share these products to help you have that look too.

When it comes to summer manicures, nail inspiration is limitless. Anything goes in the sun, from minimalism and sheer nail art to exaggerated colors and embellishments. Traditionally, bright shades like pink, coral, red, yellow, and other mood-boosting shades pop up during the warmer seasons, but this summer of ’22, there are more gorgeous nail polish colors to choose from. “Bright, vivid hues instantly lift your spirits and lighten your attitude,” said Heather Reynosa, OPI’s director of global education design. Experts also cited sage green and poolside blue this year, among others. Earth tones will be the big trend.

Trendy summer nails 2022

Chic summer nails 2022 color trends you can't miss
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