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Sleeve tattoos, which cover either your whole arm or very nearly the whole thing, are for people who aren't afraid of commitment. They take time, money, and a talented artist who can create large masterpieces for you to love forever. If sleeves sound enticing to...

Thigh tattoos might be  the sexiest tattoo placement  known to woman. And we know your man’ll love them too! Summer is coming, that means it's your best time to show your sexy.

The wrist has always been a popular place to get tattooed. There are so many designs that can be created. No matter what style you like from subtle and sweet to edgy and trendsetting there is a wrist tattoo for everyone. It’s not only the...

The shoulder is a relatively large part of the body, which makes the shoulder tattoo more space to design.At the same time , The shoulders of women are relatively more.

Sunflower is known as “happy flowers” because they tend to exude a certain level of happiness and joy that few other flowers can match. Roses make one think of love and romance.

We really could tattoo flowers all over our bodies. But adorning the wrist is really divine. The wrist is one of the most popular locations for tattoo noobs to get inked. Especially with women. If for no other reason than the cool factor alone . The combination of...
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