How to style your short pixie haircut design to be cool and stylish?

How to style your pixie haircut? The pixie hairstyle has been around forever. I remember when I was a child what we called a pixie is not what a pixie is today. In the 80’s & 90’s a pixie haircut was pretty much the same on everyone. The style was extremely short on the sides and back and layered all over. Bangs were often whispy and the ear area was cut out. The hairstyle has evolved into a trendy style women and men are both sporting.

Ladies are always telling me how much they love my hairstyle and almost always say “I wish I could pull off a haircut like that off” or “I’m afraid to cut mine”. Anyone can pull off a short pixie and there is no reason to be scared to try it! Your hair stylist may make some suggestions depending on your face shape to ensure your short pixie cuts looks it’s best, but you can do it. Take time to check out our selection of short hairstyles for thick hair to pick the one that works for you!

If you aren’t afraid to say goodbye to your long locks for a time, this short pixie is a good start, then!  Since cooler shades of blonde look pretty when paired with dark undertones, we recommend you going for balayage as well. As for styling, keep your bangs long and wear them to one side for a flirty vibe.

Thick and sharp layers look exceptional on trendy colors such as platinum, whitish, and silvery blonde. Just in case you’re thinking of some color changes, you will love the way your layered thick locks add movement and dynamics to the cool-toned colors. The best thing is, with such a cut, sweeping the hair to the side will be enough for a versatile style.

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