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    Elegant French coffin nails design that worth trying this summer!

    Women love to toss about themselves most. Every inch of skin is not willing to let go of maintenance and beautification. How can a neat batch of 10 nails be missed? Nowadays, light color--French coffin nails jump into our eyes among the fashion street, which is lovely, elegant and cool . There are many types of french coffin nails , and today we've collected more than 30 ombre and acrylic french coffin nails for you.

  • Nails

    50 Natural short almond nails design to rock the dizzy summer!

    Almond nail, as the name implies, is to make the nail into the shape of almond, polish the pointed shape from both sides to the center, which makes the whole finger extremely slender and full of high quality! Summer is here with high temperature, it's time to cold down from your nails! Natural short almong nails with flowers, cold colors, patterns.....which is amazing for our daily life beauty. Here we've collected 50 short almond nails for beauties.

  • Hairstyle

    Bandanna hairstyles that 50 fashionable women must have

    Bandanna is talking about bandannas or scarves with printed patterns, usually made of silk or cotton. Hippies in the 1970s loved to use this style item, but when they switched to today's fashion circle, the girls tried their best to play it in many ways. Bandanna was already popular with hippies in the early 1970s. They used to wear it on their heads and it was a symbol of hippie style. However, this behavior makes many people think that bandanna's style is too biased, which makes the potential of bandanna as a national headdress only discovered and widely used by girls today. There are many ways to wear it, and…

  • Hairstyle

    Trendy short pixie haircut design for woman, hot and chic this summer!

    Although the current trend of short hair has been contracted by short bob haircut,for mature women, trendy short pixie haircut is the first choice, and the cool personality is immediately high lighted . Very hand some and stylish trendy short pixie haircut, with a little confidence and natural aura faintly revealed between the hair with fluff years, wearing a leather dress, light smoky makeup,intellectual and elegant! With the witty design of short hair with exposed ears and the trimmed trendy short pixie haircut bundle with exposed ears, it can also show the handsome and personalized side. The bow tie biting the lips makes the girl's loveliness and willfulness coexist. Trendy…

  • Tattoo

    50 beautiful foot tattoos for fashion woman in summer

    With the continuous spread of tattoo phenomenon, a unique culture has emerged: tattoo culture. Many women want tattoos, but lack of inspiration, they do not know which tattoo pattern to choose. Each tattoo has its own unique connotation. For example, bows and arrows symbolize stability, security and hope, while diamonds symbolize purity, loyalty and eternity. There are many types of tattoos you can choose, such as small tattoos, quote tattoos, flower tattoos, animal tattoos, character tattoos, etc. Tattoo is more in line with the young people's mind is a kind of maverick, different psychology; At the same time, tattoo is also a kind of ornament, which has certain personal aesthetics.

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    60 Elegant short purple nails design for a romantic summer!

    Nails come in many forms and vary in length. Different types of nails are suitable for different people. Among many pretty nails, most of us will choose short nails that are easier to maintain. So how do we choose our own pretty nails? Oval nails are common and suitable for most fingernails. The almond nail is longer and sharper than the oval nail, and the nail edge is rounded and pointed. Due to the large nail surface, it is suitable for making more gorgeous and complicated nail shapes. If your hands are small and your fingers are round, round nails are a good choice. Square nails have sharp edges and…

  • Hairstyle

    20 Sexy curly hairstyle for white girls 2020

    Sometimes our hairstyles just get boring. Maybe its the same old braids or braid out, but you know that you want change it up from time to time. However, it is not that easy. It can be quite hard to find the perfect hairstyle you can use in your everyday life. Hopefully, these stylish hairstyles for natural curly hair for white girls will enable to do a new hairstyle without any trouble.

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    28 Beautiful flower nails design for yellow short nails ideas

    Give your nails a spin with eye-catching yellow colors and flower nail designs with yellow colors. Experiment with cheery spring nail designs. Go through our nail art with flowers step by step instructions here. Short yellow nails is always on the top od choice for nails design and makeup. For that extra pizzazz, you can add gemstones or glitter to your floral nails. Add sparkle to your ‘French manicured’ nails by adorning your nail tips with kinds of flowers. Some of the popular flower design nails flaunt patterns are tiny petals, rose accents, artistic floral buds, etc. Choose from an eclectic collection of rose nail designs in peppy shades such…

  • Life

    42 kinds of ways to say “I love you”–love quotes

    Love is always blind. That’s for sure. When you find the right one, you can’t have too much time with him. One the things we expect most is the morning text you send to each other that will make the whole day better. If you are tired of the common ways of showing love and affection, we’ve piled up with cute and romantic love quotes that will bring your relationship to a next level. Since the Valentine’s Day is approaching, there’s no better way to express your love than these sweet love quotes.

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