• Beauty

    How To Draw Natural Wheat Face Makeup Looks For Beginners ?

    "Natural makeup" is the light and elegant makeup, which is based on good skin. Makeup steps include eyebrows, blush, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. If you want to achieve a good light make-up effect, you can only choose one of them for detailed depiction except lip-color mascara, and the rest should be simplified. Today we introduce how to draw a natural makeup looks for beginners step by step.

  • Nails

    60+ Trendy Acrylic Coffin Nails Design To Light Up Your Spring & Summer

    This season is a wonderful time for every girl and each woman to show their beauty in any ways such as nails beauty, makeup ideas, fashion dress,etc. Today we'll introduce the most popular trendy acrylic coffin nails for you. Acrylic coffin nails shape with ombre coffin , butterfly coffin nails ,gel coffin nails, sparkle coffin nails , natural nude coffin nails......They are awesome to wear on your nails and light up your dark days before. Life is full of changs, the only thing we can do is to enjoy it and embrace it .

  • Hairstyle

    Prediction Of Short Hair In 2020 — Short Bob Hair

    Bob hair is actually popular in the upper class in the 1920s and gradually accepted by the public stratum , but the controversy still exists. However, no matter how loud the opposition is, every era's character women will adhere to their own ideas. Now, Bob hair is one of the most popular hair styles for women. There is no doubt about its fashion sense.

  • Nails

    50 Ways To Open The Classic French Nails

    French nail means that in the leading edge of nature, a line with a perfect arc is depicted clearly and accurately with a single nail polish, and the width and arc of a pair of hands are kept in visual consistency. It is popular with women because of its simple and refreshing appearance. The style of french nail, which is neither ostentatious nor embellished, makes it becomes the universal nail design language all over the world.

  • Tattoo

    50 Shoulder Tattoos Bring Implicit Sexuality

    Any part body of a woman all can be sexy. But if I had to make a choice,i prefer to think shoulder is the most sexy part. If you don't believe it, you will find that those girls who are used to wearing suspenders or shoulder suits are very temperamental. On the one hand is their temperament, on the other hand, girls show their shoulders, and their manners will be better naturally.

  • Nails

    How To Do Chic Natural Short nails Design For Summer Nails

    Short nails can be used as lovely style manicures, which will look cute. If you envy those who have long nails, you can choose to make acrylic nails, because this kind of manicures can shape the nails, make the nails longer and cover the defects of the nails. Acrylic short sqaure nails and short almond nails are always perfect choice to look pretty and easy to daily life.

  • Hairstyle

    How To Get Your Short Haircut To Be A Chic Hairstyle

    Wavy long hair were once the hair styles every girl dreamed of, but in recent years, the trend of short hair has not decreased, and the girls who have short haircut have been very difficult to keep long. The same hairstyle always has different effects on different people. So today, let me analyze which people are not suitable to go and how to get your short haircut to be the fashinable and chic hairstyle!

  • Nails

    53 Hottest Acrylic Coffin Nails Design For Spring Long Nails

    When talking about the hottest nails beauty, acrylic Coffin nails have been on the top of the list for a while now, which is chic and popular among many women who even were not the fact that they stand in the fashion stage now. As spring is here and summer is coming soon, matte coffin nails , glitter coffin nails , and black nails combined with white get more and more welcomed and show our elegance at the moment.

  • Nails

    57 Chic Acrylic Yellow Nails Art For Spring Nails Design

    Spring is a gentle season, so making a light and bright color manicure is very suitable ~ I don't know if the fairies can accept the manicure style of yellow series. I personally like yellow nails very much, acrylic yellow nails , short yellow nails ,yellow coffin nails ,yellow stiletto nails ,glitter yellow nails, etc. We've collected so many yellow nail shape and different yellow nails color for you.

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