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Just like any other fashion product, nail polish art is different in every season. Matte nails are fashion trends in spring and summer. If you don’t want any shine on your nails, opt for a matte polish. Just try these cool matte nail art ideas for...

Easter is coming, it's time to get nails changed in a modern way. When it comes to your manicure, it is definitely a must-do before any special occasion --Easter. It.

With the giant expense pressure , many of us choose to live in a loft house. However, loft style can be also cozy and can be designed in creative ways.

Acrylic coffin nail is modern and chic, which is popular among women all the time. The designs you can choose for your acrylic nails are unlimited no matter in shapes or colors. Therefore, we have put together the trendiest Acrylic Coffin Nail Art Designs for spring...

The French hair coloring technique: Balayge, which is an intricate technique for highlighting and coloring hair that has gained increasing popularity in recent years. This unique coloring technique involves hand-painting your.

Being a beginner , makeup tutorial step by step is essential . Have you ever wondered how to do makeup so that it is flawless? To tell you the truth, there is nothing complex about that. Do not worry. One of the best ways to enhance...

Keep in mind that nothing remains same in life, only after the darkest moments are the brightest moments, believe in yourself, you are meant to deal with every thing that.

Square nails is stylish in any occasion. When making nails, most women will have a hard time choosing which shape of nails to make. Such as square, oval, almond nails... Choose the shape that suits your style.  It is good to choose a square nail. Square...
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