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Stay Breezy, Elegant and Unique

Our hair is the ultimate honor of our looks, both literally and figuratively. Long hair takes plenty of time, effort, persistent, and hair ‘love,’ but it’s well worth the energy. By allowing your luscious locks to grow lengthy and vigorous, you create a lovely look with...

Let’s have some fun ladies, shall we? Instead of emulating the same old boring smoky-eyed look and winged liner each time there is a party, an occasion or an important.

The coffin nail shape is stylish and trendy. This nail shape can be used with any color and nail art. However, one color that does look amazing on coffin nails is nude. Nude tones are chic and go with everything from glitter to rhinestones. We've found...
Springtime is on of my favorite time of year full of hopes and energy, and one of the many reasons is for that amazingly cute decor, which includes Easter. Easter represents the perpetuity of existence, so symbols of fertility and rebirth are apt to bring good...

Do blondes really have more fun? We can neither confirm nor deny, but these fabulous blonde hair color ideas for this year have us itching to try something new. If.

Bedroom is the most relaxing and happiest place for me after a long working day. But it looks like we do not usually spend much money and time on this room. I know, upgrading a bedroom can be expensive. Today, I’ve collected 62 cozy master bedroom...
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