• Hairstyle

    Girls with short hair are not only cute but also cool!

    Girls with short hair are fresh, not to mention showing their personality charm, but also adding a sense of Handsome. That kind of handsome is not as tough as boys, with many girls' softness. Generally speaking, it looks cooler and more handsome than boys! It can be said that the charm is endless, which is more in line with our cognition of Handsome. Girls have a feeling of being pulled down after seeing it, and boys can't help loving it.

  • Beauty

    How to draw eye makeup to make eyes more attractive?

    Today, I will introduce a new eye makeup ideas for you. That is called cut crease. Cut Crease is to use concealer to Cut off the color cover of the upper eyelid and forcibly increase the structural contrast of the eye area.To put it bluntly, a wider double eyelid and a deeper eye socket are artificially painted on the eyelids. The contrast between the depth of color and light and shade makes the eyes look more layered and attractive. For example, the following picture is a very typical Cut Crease drawing method.

  • Nails

    20 Cute short friut nails to cool your summer days!

    In summer, the fruit with sweet ice and plenty of water jumped to the first place in the best seller list. As a woman at the forefront of fashion No matter how Sun exposures,it can't stop our love for beauty! The so-called delicacy! That should be paid attention to from head to toe, from hair to fingertips! I will bring you a group of short friut nails to cool this Summer. Let's see which kind of fruit nail art can make you more excited!

  • Hairstyle

    Beautiful ponytail haristyle ideas for fashionable girls

    Ponytail hair is the most common and simplest hairstyle, with a flexible ponytail tied to the straight side of the medium long hair, which is very youthful. In recent years, ponytail hair style has become more and more popular. Many girls want to try beautiful ponytail hair style. Here are some latest simple ponytail binding methods, which are very suitable for girls to try on many occasions. The simple and refreshing ponytail hairstyle is simple and fresh, has good vitality and is loved by girls. Tie the smooth straight hair high at the back of the head. The straight hair is elegant because of the ponytail hair style design. The…

  • Hairstyle

    The fashion short pixie hair and how to protect your hair

    As summer approaches, the temperature gradually rises. Does long hair, which is especially beautiful in winter, make you feel a little inappropriate at this moment? If so, you might as well try short hair, especially short pixie hair. Short hair will make you look cooler and cooler this summer. Of course, when choosing this hairstyle, short pixie haircut we should also consider other factors, such as color. A bright color in the crowd often can quickly attract the attention of others and become the focus of the audience. So, what color should we choose? If you really don't have any ideas in your heart, then you might as well listen…

  • Nails

    50 Beautiful Summer Short Square Nails Recommended

    Short square nails are a very popular and versatile nail, especially for nails with larger nail beds. Short square nails can make your fingers slimmer and more elegant. Girls who like simple and versatile style should not miss today's introduction! Short square nails are the shape of a hot nail nowadays, which is a good match. Girls with square nails can choose to apply green nail polish to the whole nail surface to make the nails look more complete and unified. Short square nails are cooler than round ones. Although they are all-match A, the too bright color of nail polish makes people feel distant.

  • Tattoo

    Sunflower Tattoo You Worth Owning In This Summer

    Nowadays, a culture of body display is gradually popular, which requires people who understand art to appreciate. Some time ago there were some tattoo groups who used tattoos and stickers on their left arms, which can be regarded as a new cultural phenomenon and a combination of "fashion" and "popularity." Many people are asking girls what kind of tattoos are suitable for their tattoos and where they will look better. In fact, there is no such thing as absolute. Tattoos are more personal and personalized. They are the release and embodiment of their own personality. Some girls like the more subtle figure tattoo, some girls like the more exaggerated tattoo;…

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