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20 Elegant Acrylic Blue Nails Design For Coffin and Stiletto Nails


There are many kinds of blue nail art designs, which are also one of the most popular nail colors. In previous articles, we have introduced the art design of Dark Blue NailsNavy Blue Nails and Blue Sparkle Nails, which are welcomed by women. In this article, I’m going to show you the very popular light blue nail art design.

Blue is a trendy and versatile color that suits everyone. It looks amazing every season and when worn on nails, it can be styled with any nail art too. There are so many different nail designs that you can try so to give you some inspiration, we have narrowed down the endless list to 20 amazing blue nail ideas. There is a manicure to suit every occasion and no matter what your personal style is, there is a design for you. You can recreate some of these at home or bring one of the images to your next nail appointment. The only trouble you will have is choosing which look to try first.

These nails are painted in a beautiful and vivid blue and they are coffin shaped. Each nail is also decorated with sparkling crystals along the cuticle or matte one , with rhinestones,etc. . It is a stunning look and it is a chic way to wear blue.

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