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20 Lavender Coffin Nails Design For Acrylic Nails 2020


Purple,Lavender, is a very fairy color. When it comes to purple, the adjectives that can be remembered include mystery, temperament, tenderness and so on. Because Purple is more versatile, many fairies will choose purple as the manicure style. In fact, choosing a purple coffin nails in any season will not appear out of date, because it is a color that does not choose the season ~

This purple manicure is a Japanese-style jumper manicure with a dizzy dyeing style. There is no extra decoration on the solid color part. Choose a nail to make a pattern of water ripples. The milky white part is matched with small metal rivets, for the part of the seasickness dyeing, choose purple to do partial seasickness dyeing on it, and finally paste gold foil elements to decorate it. The thumb was matched with metal copper wire. The overall style is very gentle. Fairies who like this can have a try ~

This purple manicure is a style of jumping color, which is matched with Zi Shu color, Taro purple and Rice Gray. No extra decoration is added to the whole nail. Fairies who like to paste things can also choose some small metal patches for decoration. The overall style is relatively simple, this manicure is suitable for fairies who like simple styles ~

This purple manicure is a style of jumping color, choosing the matching of cherry blossom pink and Taro purple. There is no extra decoration for the pink part of cherry blossoms. The Purple part is firstly decorated with transparent primer, and then the purple part of taro is used to make the effect of partial dizzy dyeing. Finally, it is decorated with fine gold foil elements. Metal armor part is decorated with golden metal flash powder. The overall style has a metallic texture. Fairies who like this can have a try ~

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