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21 Sexy Pink & Rose Gold Eye Makeup Looks Ideas You Need To Try


There is so much fun to be had with pink or rose gold eye makeup – you can go as subtle as you like, choose a classic smokey eye with a pink twist, play with bold colours with an unconventional application, or pile on the glitter and go for all-out sparkle.

Many people just research makeup to suit their skin tone, not eye color when buying new makeup. In fact, different shades of color can enhance your eyes and show off your eye color in a different way. Today, we are sharing our favorite rose gold eye makeup looks for you and hope you will love these and find one that best suits you.

Keep you pink eye shadow looking highly pigmented and the cut crease sharp all day, by applying an eye primer to the upper and lower lid before putting on your make-up. Concealer also works well as a primer as it helps eye shadow to appear super pigmented when applied over the top. Have fun being pretty in pink.

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