25 Amazing Acrylic Coffin Nails Design To Make You Stand out

Coffin acrylic nails gets more popular from early 90’s and still trendy now. They’re named for the angular shape of a coffin. It’s very unique. Coffin nails range from medium to long in length, are tapered at the ends, and are squared off (like a coffin). If you are tired of round or square nails, coffin nails are great choice for you to get a new look.

If you need to be fashionable but understated manicures, short coffin nails are great for you. Long coffin nails are pretty and classy, the style is perfect if you want to get a bold look. We’ve put together a list of our favorite coffin nails to give you inspirations to last forever from glitter through french tip, as well as designer nails and everything in between.

We’ve got you covered. Just enjoy and hope you will find your loved one and try it next time.

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