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30 Hottest Natural Short Nails For Summer Nails Ideas


Short nails such as square nails, almond nails, oval nails , etc, become more and more popular with each day and when you think about it is not that difficult to understand why. That is why today we are going to discuss the reasons why you should give a try to such nails as well as we are going to share with you a handful of intricate designs to pull off when you decide to give up on long nails for a while. Read on!

These 30 nail designs for short nails are classy, cute, and fairly easy to pull off! This season we’re seeing a lot of matte, classic white, and 3D designs. All of these are easily doable as long as you have the right polishes and accessories!

Check out your local drug store department or beauty department to find super cute 3D nail accessories, stickers, and much more. Always make sure to have a matte top coat to achieve some of the matte looks and you’re good to go! These nail designs are specifically for short nails so check to see which one you like and try to replicate it! Happy painting!

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