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30 Perfect Lavender Hair Color Design Ideas For Summer Hair Style


Lavender hair color is your ticket to a real fashionable fairy tale. The fairy tale, where you flaunt with a hair color that reminds you of the blissful early spring and makes you stand out from the crowd. How about you to make it real? It’s time to see how you can add the magnificent color to your life palette: our ideas will be your eternal inspiration.

Whether you got your purple hairr randomly, when trying to achieve a greyish tone or you are rough and ready for trendy color changes, there’s an idea for every girl and any taste. Let’s plunge into the world of endless spring and everlasting, immense lavender fields on your hair. See how to pull off lavender shades!

Interestingly, it is a kind of a rule for a woman: if something negative occurs in life, change your hairstyle, and you will feel better. So, if you are stressed or depressed, why not dye your hair purple? However, not all of us that brave to do all-over dye. It is possible to do it step by step, starting with dying streaks.

Here are kinds of lavender hair color and hairstyle for your options: short bob, pixie, wavy hair, blunt hair, curly hair, dutch braided hair, etc. Come and pin it to try right now!

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