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34 Beautiful Indoor Succulents Decoration And Care Ideas


The growth habit of succulent plants determines that succulent plants are not suitable for indoor maintenance. Succulent plants like the growth environment which is full of sunshine, dry and well ventilated. They are drought-resistant and afraid of water, and like loose and breathable sandy soil, these growth habits determine that if the succulent plants want to be well cultivated, they must ensure sufficient sunlight, ventilation and ventilation. Fleshy plants need an environment with sufficient sunshine and good ventilation.

Long-term indoor cultivation will lead to long and fade, and it is difficult to have a good condition. Under normal circumstances, fleshy plants are suitable for outdoor cultivation or balcony cultivation. There is a lot of meat in the room, which is mainly used for keeping warm in extremely cold winter.

While indoor even on the balcony, the light is not the same as the open air. The balcony is separated by glass, and the glass will block 60-70 percent of ultraviolet ray, which is unfavorable for fleshy coloring. Many friends who maintain meat indoors know that the meat bought from the greenhouse is bright in color and compact in shape, but it fades in a few days and may grow in vain. This is caused by the lack of light.

In addition, there is another disadvantage in the room that the ventilation is not good. Although the window can be ventilated, it is limited after all. Poor ventilation is bad for the root system breathing of succulent plants, which may cause the phenomenon of leaves dropping, rotten roots and so on. However, if the temperature is low in winter, the window may not be open!

Why can’t fleshy plants be kept indoors for a long time?

The color of succulent plants needs to be equipped with elements such as adequate sunshine, dry air, large temperature difference between morning and evening and so on, and the indoor environment cannot meet the requirements! Moreover, keeping more meat indoors is not conducive to the growth of succulent plants. In the long run, it will even reduce the resistance of succulent plants and make them become greenhouse flowers which are extremely weak. There are many meat in the room, which is only suitable for heat preservation in winter!

The indoor balcony is very beautiful with meat, you should pay attention to a few points:

It must be guaranteed that the light is sufficient; never put it on the bedside of the bedroom or the TV cabinet if you think the meat is beautiful, so there is no sunshine at all. The meat needs direct light source instead of the light of the stars. So try to put it on the south balcony with the best sunshine, and make sure it is exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours every day. In addition, the closer to the window, the better. The placing position is equal to the lower edge of the window, or higher, if it is too low, the lighting time will be much less every day.

The soil should be more breathable and drained; compared with greenhouse or outdoor cultivation, the multi-meat preserved indoors should ensure the breathability and drainage of the soil, so as to control the water better. Moreover, it is not easy to be black and rotten in summer. In the morning, I feel that at least 70% of the particles of the indoor soil are mixed, otherwise, if I water them once, the water in the soil will not be evaporated quickly like outdoors.

Properly reduce watering times; if the outdoor curing is to be watered once a week, then the indoor should be watered once every 10 to 15 days, because the indoor ventilation environment is not as good as the outdoor environment, and the water evaporation is relatively slow, but watering should be decided according to the climate on your side, dry thoroughly, and strictly control the water in summer.

Some auxiliary methods to raise meat indoors:

  • Use fill light:
    In winter, it can be used for a short time for plants to fill the light. It can not only increase the indoor temperature, but also increase the ultraviolet ray, which has certain auxiliary effect on controlling the growth and coloring of succulent plants. There are certain requirements on the selection of light source, safe distance and duration of irradiation of succulent plant light-replenishment lamp. Generally, the full-spectrum metal halide lamp is adopted, which can be turned on when it is dark and turned off in the daytime. It can only be exposed for about 8 hours every day, generally, the duration of use is not more than one month.
  • Adopt the method of stuffy recuperation:
    Stuffy cultivation can create small environment similar to greenhouse with constant temperature and humidity, which plays a certain role in keeping warm and increasing air humidity, but it cannot be used for coloring. It is more suitable for the fleshy plants like jades. The short-term use can make the fleshy plants recover to be full and transparent, and it can also be used as a heat preservation method for the fleshy plants in winter. Every 2 days of stuffy cultivation, the fleshy plants should be opened in the morning and ventilated, and then covered in the afternoon or at night, this cycle can last for 15-20 days.

In addition to improving indoor lighting conditions, water supplement and soil distribution are also issues that indoor meat fans need to pay attention. If fans of meat want to keep a pot of fleshy plants indoor, they need to pay attention to the problem of water control. Because of the poor light-replenishing conditions in the indoor space, meat plants are easy to grow in the environment where the water is too sufficient. While the formula of large proportion of particle soil can be chosen for matching soil (reduce the water holding capacity of basin soil and enhance air permeability ).

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