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42 kinds of ways to say “I love you”–love quotes


Love is always blind. That’s for sure. When you find the right one, you can’t have too much time with him. One the things we expect most is the morning text you send to each other that will make the whole day better. If you are tired of the common ways of showing love and affection, we’ve piled up with cute and romantic love quotes that will bring your relationship to a next level. Since the Valentine’s Day is approaching, there’s no better way to express your love than these sweet love quotes.

The following love quotes are brought to you by literature pros to help you express your feelings with words. Whether you are writing your vows, a Valentine, anniversary letter, or an everyday love note, these classic love quotes should help inspire you.

There is something so pure and eternal about love. It grounds us and reminds us to be present in every moment. It encourages and nurtures new life and new experiences. It accompanies your happiest and fullest memories. It can erupt at first glance or develop over time.

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