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42 Trendy Short Pixie Haircut For Stylish Woman


Winter is far away, hairstyle also needs to be changed for a chic look as summer is coming. Whether you are a busy woman and require a hairstyle that needs low maintenance, or you are a lady who just wants to get rid of her long locks, the pixie cut is the best solution for you. Pixie short haircut have been very popular for a long time and 2019 is another perfect year when pixie styles are again on high demands. 

Especially in the hot summer months, it is not easy to deal with long hair. You may need a more practical and more modern exterior look. It can be hard for you to switch short suddenly, but you can motivate yourself with short pixie haircut.

Pixie is also can be very womanish, meanwhile it shows our inner strength and power when we fight our office life. Here we’ve collected 42 stylish and chic short pixie haircuts for you. Find your favorite, pin it and try today!

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