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44 Classy long coffin nails design to rock your days!


Acrylic coffin nails has many colos to choose from–cold color style: cold color includes blue-green, blue-cyan, blue-purple. Putting the cold hue on the fingertips gives people a cool feeling. Girls who love punk style and sexy style will prefer this kind of color matching. And still classy coffin nails warm tone style: warm tone colors are red purple, red, orange, yellow orange, yellow. Warm tones are suitable for lovely and Luo Li girls. Acrylic coffin nails give people the feeling of intimacy, warmth, warmth, joy, warmth, liveliness and so on.

If you’re out of ideas, utilize this color on all your nails except one. The shade won’t ever fade away because it’s powerful, fashionable and very attention-grabbing. In addition, you can try only a single color ,or try these classy acrylic coffin nails with rhenistone, flowers, jewelry, glitter,etc.

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