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44 Morden And Vintage Home Decor Ideas In Nordic Style


Nordic style refers to the artistic design style of northern European countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland (mainly referring to interior design and industrial product design ), the Nordic style originates from the design style of Scandinavia, so it is also called “Scandinavia style “. It has the features of simplicity, nature and humanization.

European pastoral

It focuses on the expression of nature, but different gardens have different nature, and then various furniture styles are derived, such as Chinese style, European style, and even the rural style of South Asia, each has its own characteristics and beauty. It is mainly divided into British and French pastoral styles. The former is characterized by gorgeous fabrics and pure hand-made. Each kind of cloth is full of local flavor, such as floral, striped and sugelange. The materials of furniture are mostly pine and Toon, and the production and carving are all pure hand-made, which is very particular. The characteristics of the latter are the white treatment and bold color matching of furniture.

European classical style

European style mainly refers to Western classical style. This style emphasizes on gorgeous decorations, strong colors, The delicate modeling of the Northern European style furniture achieves the elegant decoration effect.

Many people like it! The change in 1500 made Scandinavia countries form aesthetic standards with similar styles through constant communication and integration. Originated from the simple and practical traditional design concept of Scandinavia, it takes functionalism as the first element and finds a new balance between function and form, the design is simple, generous, practical, aiming at the general public, with outstanding functions and not too many tedious decorations, which finally forms a unique design style.

It represents a kind of fashion of returning to nature, and also reflects a sense of sexual orientation of modern urbanites entering the post-consumption era. Meanwhile, influenced by the culture and history of each country, each country has its own unique design features.

Nordic modern style

The modern style of northern Europe refers to adding a large area of lighting glass and modern steel structure on the basis of inheriting the original sharp roof, inclined roof and stone-wood structure. Its structure is simple and practical, and the interior decoration style is reflected among the architectural structures without too much modeling decoration. The original stone surface and wood grain are exposed indoors, but its theme is inclined to modern steel-wood structure, and the indoor effect forms the effect of combining modern and classical.

In creating the natural atmosphere of harmony between man and nature, the Nordic seem to have irreplaceable talent. It is always the careful selection of materials and the pure and genuine handicraft craft, which is regarded as live specimen in modern industrial society, and is still widely used in the design of northern European countries. This kind of humanistic attitude has also been widely recognized all over the world. Not to mention anything else, only the popularity of “Ikea home furnishing” in China illustrates everything.

The northern European furniture is famous for its simplicity, with strong post-modernism characteristics, focusing on smooth line design, representing a kind of fashion, returning to nature, advocating the charm of log, in addition, the modern, practical and exquisite artistic design style reflects a certain orientation and melody of modern urbanites entering a new era.

picture source from: instagram: realtordotcom

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