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53 Hottest Acrylic Coffin Nails Design For Spring Long Nails


When talking about the hottest nails beauty, acrylic Coffin nails have been on the top of the list for a while now, which is chic and popular among many women who even were not the fact that they stand in the fashion stage now. As spring is here and summer is coming soon, matte coffin nails , glitter coffin nails , and black nails combined with white get more and more welcomed and show our elegance at the moment.

Coffin nails is also called ballerrina nails. Ballerina nails are perfect for those of you who are in love with long nails . besides there is so much room for experimentation that it is hard to pass by simply, not to mention the fact that this shape is pretty durable and this fact can’t go unnoticed.

TIPS: The new type of coronary virus prevails. Everyone should wear masks, disposable masks or medical masks, and N95 masks when going out. Friends who have conditions can wear protective clothing to avoid infection .

Black and white coffin nails makes life full of sense of ceremony

What is a sense of ceremony? A sense of ceremony is to make a day different from other days, and to make a moment different from other moments. When the days are bitter and plain, the sense of ceremony can make you have expectations in your heart and eliminate the hardship; when the days are luxurious and strong, the sense of ceremony can make you calm down and defuse your addiction.

Different types of fingernails can shape different types of you, and people’s fingernails can often reflect one taste. Learn to dress yourself up. When you are full of spirit, let the people around you also enjoy your eyes, and don’t think you are sluggish. Blank and white color is always on the top list of fashion color woman loves a long time, which shows ones elegance and unique charactors. Matte black coffin nails , white and black nails ,shinny coffin nails……here are so many choice for us to choose.

Pink coffin nails –french nails , ombre pink nails make you pretty and lovely this spring and summer

Nails beauty is the process of disinfection, cleaning, nursing, maintenance, modification and beautification of finger (toe) armor according to the customer’s hand shape, nail shape, skin type, clothing color and requirements. Pink is suitable for any skin color and dress collocation, and always stands at the forefront of fashion trend. Pink and white nails,pink french nails style, glitter pink coffin nails, pink and blue nails, these nails are so charming in your daily life or in a party.

Glitter coffin nails always makes one younger and full of vitality

You can introduce some glitter gradient in your coffin nails design, and when it is still not enough – intricate rhinestone patterns will add special gentle charm to the look. Such a manicure will suit any special occasion; there is clearly no doubt about it!

Nail polish can make women’s nails look better, and you should do these things before applying them. If there is old nail polish on the nail, it should be cleaned with nail remover before applying. Then cut a shape of your favorite nail, and then cut off the dead skins on both sides of the nail.

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