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54 Exquisite Natural Nails Design For Short Nails


Short acrylic nails become more and more popular with each day. Some people would argue that in order to create a gorgeous nail design look, you have to have lovely long nails as the foundation. It’s our mission to debunk that myth and prove that short nails can be the best nails to work with for beautiful nail designs.

There are many women that like short natural acrylic nails and there is no wonder why in fact. The truth is that neutral shades are the ones to fit in any outfit or environment, and that is undoubtedly a huge benefit. Besides, you can easily spice up even the most natural look with the introduction of gentle rhinestone accent without ruining the vibe.

Less is more. It’s same that shorter is better. Take a look and choose one to try it right now for your daily life , office work or prom.

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