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75 Chic Classy Acrylic Stiletto Nails Design You’ll Love


Stiletto nails are a new nail trend in the fashion world and a nail design that will make women stand out of the crowd. As the trend is increasing rapidly, women who are crazy for latest nail art designs on regular intervals are planning to try classy acrylic stiletto nails design  for instant change in their appearance.

As far as nail art goes, long stiletto style nails make quite a unique statement. They are basically oval shaped, but pointed at the top rather than rounded. They tend to be quite long and are therefore almost always fake nails. However, due to the fact that they are longer, they provide more options for detailed and intricate nail designs!

If a while ago only Lady G had such a daring look, then today you can see even an office worker sporting stilettos. To make this edgy style closer to ladies who don’t walk the red carpet, we gathered the trendiest and most popular designs here. Do not be afraid to stand out in the crowd, you are worth it!

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