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Creative Colored Eye Liner Makeup Looks By Eye shadow Palette


Daily makeup feel nothing new? Want to have a unique makeup but you are afraid to be not accepted? Adding a colorful eyeliner to the ordinary makeup can not only change the feeling of the whole makeup immediately, but also be full of special feeling and become more charming and special! Hurry up to make up the colorful eyeliner which is simple, daily and implying scheming with colorful eye shadow palettes, and get on the fashoin stage!

When refering to colored eyeliner, many people think it is exaggerated and not suitable for daily life. In fact, most of the reasons are that you don’t know much about colorful eyeliner, let alone using it correctly, if you can use colorful eyeliner well, the makeup you draw will give you a beautiful surprise that you have never seen before! So, how to draw colorful eyeliner? Next, the editor will share with you a demonstration painting of colorful makeup. I hope you can make better use of colorful eyeliner!

How to make a colored eyeliner. An orange eyeliner for example

  1. Step 1: According to your hair color, use the eyebrow pencil of the same color to outline the shape of the eyebrow.

  2. Step 2: apply the cream-colored eye shadow with pearls on the upper eyelid as the base.

  3. Step 3: Use a black eyeliner to fill the direct gap of eyelashes, and use a brown eyeliner to draw out thin eyeliner.

  4. Step 4: draw the upper and outer eyeliner with a bright orange eyeliner, and naturally lengthen the eye tail by 3mm.

  5. Step 5: apply brown eye shadow on the head and tail of the upper eyelid as well as the tail of the lower eyelid to create the effect of dizziness.

  6. Step 6: fill the lower eyeliner with a brown eyeliner, and apply cream-colored eye shadow on the head and tail of the lower eyelid.

  7. Step 7: brush the upper and lower eyelashes with black long curling mascara carefully.

  8. Step 8: sweep the repair powder on the outside of the cheekbone, and pay attention to the color not too deep.

  9. Step 9: After the bottom of the lips, apply the orange lipstick on the center, and then dye it naturally.

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