The fashion short pixie hair and how to protect your hair

As summer approaches, the temperature gradually rises. Long hair make you feel a little inappropriate at this moment? If so, you might as well try short hair, especially short pixie hair. Short hair will make you look cooler and cooler this summer.

Of course, when choosing this hairstyle, short pixie haircut we should also consider other factors, such as color. A bright color in the crowd often can quickly attract the attention of others and become the focus of the audience. So, what color should we choose? If you really don’t have any ideas in your heart, then you might as well listen to my recommendation.

White is bright, clean, carefree and simple, and has unexpected effects when matched with other colors. And when it is used as a hair color, it is also quite fashionable and beautiful. Fashionable short pixie hair style with bangs really looks good. Fashionable short pixie hair perfectly combines neutral style and sweet style, handsome but gentle. Cut short hair style will show the temperament of people incisively and vividly, layered pruning and slightly fluffy perm design can also have a good visual effect of small face shape.

Curly and stylish short pixie hair style

A good-looking hairstyle not only modifies the face shape, but also makes us feel better. Curly hair makes women more fashionable, charming and attractive, and has more powerful effect of thin face. A short hair with slightly curly and wild hair can instantly attract people’s attention. The slightly curly hair with design sense and messy and personalized lines subtly modify your face shape.

Straight and stylish short pixie hair style

This straight and fashionable short pixie hairstyle is very personalized, almost the limit of short hair for women. Different from straight hair with curly hair, it has a little more neatness and a little less gracefulness. It gives people a kind of capable feeling. It is very cool and handsome. Even girls will be moved by it.

A pixie hairstyle with slanted bangs.

The fluffy air feel design makes the hair look fresh and neat. The overall shape looks very handsome. The fluffy bangs cover half of the face shape, making the facial features more delicate and three-dimensional. At the same time, the facial lines are more obvious, and there is no lack of female sexy and charming feeling in handsome.

Bangs make fashionable short pixie hairstyles more interesting and lively. The high-end fashion elf hairstyle at the end of the hair, the slight external warping effect at the end of the hair and the light-colored bangs are very noticeable.

When you have a head of white short pixie hair, it also means that you have chosen to dye your hair. Improper care after dyeing is extremely harmful to your hair, so we should pay attention to the daily care of your hair. The following are my suggestions.

1.Repair the damage after dyeing

During the dyeing process, a large amount of alkaline substances enter the hair, destroying the original proteins and amino acids, so the dyed hair will easily become dry, lose luster and elasticity. At this time, it is suggested to choose hair care products that are easy to absorb and protect the scalp to moisturize and repair, form a protective film on the hair, so that the moisture and nutrients needed by the hair are not easily lost, and healthy hair will have more plasticity.

2.prevent UV damage

The scales of the newly dyed hair are open. If you expose it for a long time, it will not only make the dyed hair more fragile, but also be unfavorable for us to maintain hair color. Spray essential oil curing spray before going out to smooth out rashness and form a protective film, and is convenient to use and suitable for carrying.

4. Wash your hair with warm water

Excessive water temperature will lead to pigment loss, so warm water should be used to wash when washing hair. The scalp can feel the temperature, which can prevent the loss of chromophoric pigment.

5. Use a light conditioner

Too thick hair care products will accelerate the loss of pigment. It is recommended to use a gentle conditioner, and avoid using hair care products that will make your hair “out of breath” for a long time after dyeing.

6. Use special washing and protection products for scalding

Use special scalding and washing protection products, which are specially tailored for dyed hair and can keep bright color. It can make hair shiny and elastic. If you just want to give your hair a low-key shine, you can mix this kind of professional shampoo with daily shampoo. professional hair care services

It is necessary to do care for the dyed hair. If the hair is not cleaned well before dyeing, the newly dyed hair at the root will become dim and yellow. In order to avoid this embarrassing imbalance, we suggest to go to the barber shop for hair dyeing care.

8. Use Spray to Increase Gloss

It is suggested to use sparkling spray frequently to enhance the luster of hair, which can supplement moisture for hair.

9.appropriate massage scalp

Professional massage technique can not only relieve the pressure of scalp, but also promote the absorption of nutrients and enhance the natural resistance of scalp in combination with nursing, so as to better transmit continuous nutrients for hair, bid farewell to dry and damaged state, and regain brightness, lightness and fullness. The specific steps for massaging the scalp are as follows: gently massage the scalp with the palm to make the product fully contact with the scalp; Finger abdomen contacts scalp, five fingers bend and lift upward along the top of head. Massage up and down the U-shaped area with your fingertips.

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