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This is what succulent plants should look like!

Succulent is a very popular potted plant in recent years. Many people like to put a pot of multi-meat on desks, windows and bookshelves. It looks fresh and lovely, small and beautiful, what are the beautiful plants in the meat? Today we will give them a list of the most beautiful plants.

The shape of this kind of leaf is a bit like the chess pieces in ordinary times, but it is red, so it is called Ruby. Its leaf flap turns green in summer, it turns red in spring, autumn and winter, which is very magical. It is the most beautiful meat that deserves it.

This kind of meat is generally small, the leaves are light green, a little white, when the light is sufficient, it will turn into wiser White, wiser and clearer than Jade.

This kind of meat and meat is quite common. It is said that it is the most regular and marked one among the multi-meat of Lotus type, and it is very easy to raise. When it comes out, its leaf tip is red, which is also very beautiful.

The biggest characteristic of ice plum is that the color transition is quite special, from the green tip to pink and red gradually. The leaves are very compact, and it is not easy to grow and become damaged even if the lighting conditions are not good.

This variety is very easy to raise, and it is easy to form old piles. Generally, it is planted in large areas. The leaves are relatively flat and buckled inward. It is a typical Lotus seat with succulent flesh, it is easy to see large areas of planting in the open hanging area, which is very gratifying.

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