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13 Gorgeous Blue Hair Color And Hairstyle Design Ideas


If you want to have an extreme sense of charm, your dark black and blue hair is essential, and because after being built on girls, girls with dark black and blue hair, after creating such a charming hue, you can also show your deep texture! I believe the performance of dark black and blue hair on girls is quite good!

After gradually changing from black to blue, a dark black and blue hair can also highlight your delicate and charming effect, and dark black and blue hair can also set off your skin color whiter.

Gray blue is a suitable hair color for all kinds of hair lengths. From short hair to Bob’s head, even girls with long hair are all worth trying.

This hairstyle is to iron the hair and tail of Qi Changbo’s head out of the inner roll and dye it with gray blue hair color. Although it is a shape with a sense of weight, gray blue can make the whole hair look soft and elegant. At the same time, because it has a certain length, you can also try all kinds of hair style to your heart’s content. It is lovely and full of feminine flavor, which is very charming!

If adding light and shade layers to gray-blue hair dyeing, it can also create a three-dimensional sense and a sense of leaping. Just like the following model, although the base of gray-blue hair color is dark, it can show a very eye-catching change of light and shade.

The medium and long hair with curly degree can present a calm atmosphere with gray blue hair dye. Not only the glossiness of hair, but also the blue element in gray blue can make the skin look more white and beautiful.

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