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24 Simple Small Heart Tattoo Design For Woman On Valentine’s Day To Show Your Love


Small heart-shaped tattoos, many lovers can do tattoos. Heart-shaped tattoos represent love. If a lover tattoos a heart-shaped tattoo on his/her body, then he/she can feel your cherishing for this sentiment. There is also a simple heart shape tattoo which is full of love.

Heart shape not only expresses love, but also family affection and friendship. A simple red heart shape is enough to express love, if not enough, then two ~ Besides simple heart-shaped tattoos, there are also some complicated patterns, which depend on personal preferences.

Small Heart Tattoo On Fingers

Finger tattoos ´╝îthese micro tattoos of fashion, art and attitude not only show the trend of personality, but also improve the overall texture, which is also easy to bring good impression to others.

Small heart tattoo on foot

Ankle is the perfect location for a mini tattoo. When it is placed inside the ankle, the carrier can see your heart tattoo full of love more easily.

Small heart tattoo on hand wrist

Although there is less fat in the hand wrist, which is the sensitive part of the body, and the process of tattoos may be a little painful, for women who are more picky and know more about fashion, they are all tolerable.

Small heart tattoo on ribs

It is said in the Bible that Eve is made by God taking off the ribs of Adam. You can imagine the degree of pain when doing tattoos in the absolutely lofty position of ribs.

Small heart tattoo on Scapula

Because the position is relatively hidden and the pain level is relatively low, the scapula tattoos have become the first choice for young people with tattoos. Female Sen can also occasionally wear an off-shoulder dress and play sexy.

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