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36 Romantic Love Quotes For Him To Say “I Love You ” On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming, there are hundreds ways to say “I love you” for him or her, let’s look at these 36 love quotes.

If there is a person in life,
Keep it far away, read it gently,
Deeply hurt, silently remember,
A simple defense,
A feeling of happiness.
Pure feelings, without adding any interests;
The support of faith is not contaminated with any common things.

Waiting is not for owning, but for understanding;
Missing is not for appearance, but for feeling.
Heart-to-heart is a silent tacit understanding;
Appreciating each other is a silent appointment.
The happiest secret of life is:
There is a person,
Can be warm in the bottom of my heart!

The best distance,
Is far can be free, near can care;
The best feeling,
It is a tacit understanding, talking happily.
Having a soul in mind is an unspeakable beauty;
Leaving space is free breathing.

There is a little attachment to each other, but not deliberately entangled;
They love each other, but they don’t interfere with life.

Zhichitianya is across, is also Xiangxi;
At hand, we are gathering and knowing each other.
There are thousands of reasons, and it is best for two hearts to suck each other;
Love with pampered, consensual. Most beautiful!

In fact, we don’t need much.
Those words in the heart are warm when someone hears them.
Some people understand those depressed things, which is happiness.
A kind of listening is a kind of warmth;
A companion is a heart.

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