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53 Air Purifying House Plants Indoor Decor Ideas


This article will involve several common questions that you are concerned about:
1. Which green house plants have good air purification effect?
2. How to choose the most suitable indoor plants? What are the recommended rooms?
3. How to maintain indoor plants daily?
4. Which plants have toxicity? Which plants are easy to blossom?

Which plants have better air purification effect

If you have a better idea than none, you must select some green plants with better air purification ability. NASA made a research in 1989 and gave a list of 18 plants, among which the effect of air purification is relatively better, and the relatively easy-to-cultivate indoor plants are: Diao Lan, Dioscorea, aloe, ivy vine and tortoise bamboo.

2. How to choose the most suitable indoor plants? What are the recommended rooms?

Living room: a green tree will make the living room more imposing. These positions are more suitable for large floor-to-floor potted plants, such as the entrance, the French window, the two sides of the TV background wall and the corner of the sofa. Recommended: large-sized tortoise-backed bamboo, large-sized green rose, sansawa, Banyan Banyan, rubber tree, Bird of Heaven and money tree. Small potted plants can be placed on the tea table to make the atmosphere of meeting guests more relaxed and comfortable.

Bedroom: try not to place too many green plants in the bedroom, because the plants absorb oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide at night. If the air circulation is not smooth and the concentration of carbon dioxide is too high, it will affect human health. However, some plants represented by Humeidan are special cases. They release oxygen at night, and Humeidan is fond of light and shade-resistant, which is very easy to cultivate. Relatively speaking, it is more suitable to be placed in the bedroom.

Bathroom: The bathroom is of high humidity, which is very suitable for the growth of ferns. If there is some scattered light through the window, then the common indoor plants can be chosen. The bathroom space is relatively small. In addition to placing small potted plants in the basin, cabinet and other places, you can also choose to hang the plants. Recommendation: all kinds of ferns, scolla, Bai Zhang, Ivy, Stilla…

Kitchen: some short vanilla plants can be planted beside the windows of the kitchen, which are very easy to cultivate and can also be used as spices to add food. Recommended mint, basil, rosemary, Thais…

3. How to maintain indoor plants daily?

Watering: don’t believe that the seller told you “watering once a few days”. Plants have different demands for water in different seasons, and the natural evaporation of water in the soil is also different, therefore, it is impossible to have a fixed frequency of watering.The surface of the basin soil turns white, or you can weigh it with your hands and feel that the soil is almost dry before watering. Watering should be done slowly to make sure that the soil is all soaked by water until there is water seeping in the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin.

Fertilization: Now various kinds of plant fertilizers can be bought in the market, and the most suitable one for lazy people is the particle-like slow-release fertilizer, which can release fertilizer effect continuously by sprinkling some into the flowerpot.

Clean and dedusting: Clean the leaves of indoor plants frequently, and remove the dust on the surface of leaves with soft wet cloth, which can not only keep the plants clean and beautiful, but also timely discover and prevent plant diseases. If the disease has already occurred, the ill branches and leaves need to be cleared timely and the medicine should be applied to the case.

Reduce movement: after determining the most suitable location of the plant, try not to move it frequently. Considering the light-oriented nature of plants, the flowerpot can be rotated regularly to make the shape of plants more balanced.

4. Which plants have toxicity? Which plants are easy to blossom?

Many plants have certain toxicity, for example, the juice of water Guanyin, Dioscorea, tortoise and so on contains toxic ingredients, which will cause different degrees of physiological reactions if eaten by mistake, serious can cause death.

Many flowering plants need sufficient direct sunlight and ventilated environment, so it is better to plant them on the balcony facing south. Recommended indoor flowering plants such as Big Rock tree, African violet, crab clover and so on.

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