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70 Alluring acrylic coffin nails design for long nails!


Acrylic Coffin Acrylic Nails are very fashionable as always and also one of the most popular nail shapes. The coffin nail, it’s neve faded away from the fashion stage after many years of development, is chased by many stars and office lady, students,etc. Coffin nails can be manicured into many nail types such acrylic coffin nails , matte coffin nails glitter coffin nail ,etc. Or you can try diffirent colors such pink coffin nails, yellow coffin nails and blue coffin nails.

If you like coffin shaped nails, you’re in the right place today. Today we have collected 70 Gorgeous Coffin Acrylic Nails, which are the most popular nails on social networks. Take a few minutes to browse through the pictures and find out which one you like best. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Acrylic coffin nails makes you elegant!

If you choose coffin nails in Summer or any season, you have so many ideas to decor your nails. In summer ,you can put a beautiful butterfly on it, or nails it as rainbow color to shine your day up!

Rhinestone coffin nails , make you looks elegant!

When it comes to diamond manicure, rhinestone coffin nails, I believe the fairies are not unfamiliar with it. Sticking diamond ornaments on the nail surface will make the nail surface look particularly Shining. However, the diamond manicure arranged by the editor today, what’s more, it has the exquisite feeling of jewelry level, making fingertips as luxurious as wearing jewelry. As the saying goes, you also have your carat stone, and I have my manicure Diamond, let your fingertips also have the high-level luster of jewelry! Hurry up and have a look!

Like this, the whole nail surface is covered with diamonds of different sizes, which will look more delicate. Matching with pure color manicure with frosted texture, it will look more elegant and elegant, with the sense of grand of individual nail surface, it will not affect the simplicity and temperament of the whole manicure, and all don’t worry that it will be too complicated.

Glitter coffin nails , bling bling you day!

Using flash powder manicure to match with more delicate sequin manicure will make the light of fingertips more layered, and the luminous elements with different textures will have different lighting effects, which will be very beautiful when combined!

A few small shimmy powder are pasted sporadically on the armour like this, which will make you look more young girls. It is very fresh and natural to match with the pink background color, which is different from the style on it.

If you wanna be yonger and pretty , try these pink coffin nails

Girls need to consider a lot before doing manicure, such as the nail color suitable for the skin color of their hands, or the style of manicure, so as to have a good-looking manicure. As for the pink manicure mentioned today, pink represents a sense of romance and also shows white hands. However, when girls choose the right nail color, they must choose the white one, there are also styles that can be used to repair hands.

Gel coffin nails is suitable for summer nails design!

No manicure, no summer! Summer is hot, there is no way to highlight the fashion taste and concave shape through overlapping, and manicure becomes an essential fashion item. The gel manicure is colorful and has various patterns. It can easily match a variety of clothes and occasions, and instantly Miao Sha a lot of solid color nail polish, which becomes a must in summer!

How to protect your nails after manicure?

If you usually need to do housework frequently, you need to contact with water and washing products, in the housework. It is better to wear gloves to avoid using alkaline detergent to turn yellow of nails; after doing housework, pay attention to cleaning your hands,And keep your hands dry.

For people who travel frequently, it is necessary to equip them with a piece of sand bar casually. If you encounter the front edge of your fingernails to shave your hair, you ‘d better polish off the burrs with a piece of sand bar.

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