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Beautiful ponytail haristyle ideas for fashionable girls


Ponytail hair is the most common and simplest hairstyle. With a flexible ponytail tied to the straight side of the medium long hair, It is very youthful. In recent years, ponytail hair style has become more and more popular. Many girls want to try beautiful ponytail hair style. Here are some latest simple ponytail binding methods, which are very suitable for girls to try on many occasions. The simple and refreshing ponytail hairstyle is simple and fresh. Tie the smooth straight hair high at the back of the head. The straight hair is elegant because of the ponytail hair style design. The simple ponytail hair style highlights the girl’s boundless youthful vitality.

The simplest ponytail hairstyle is to comb the ponytail directly, without any modification and cleanness. Of course, many girls preferto complicated hairstyles. Eespecially putting beautiful hairpins on their hair, which will bring about great changes to the whole person. Many girls pursue this complex and gorgeous beauty.

Braided ponytails

Straight ponytail hairstyle design

The girl with long straight hair tied her hair into a beautiful high-rise ponytail hair style. And Her hair is a little bit broken and looks very energetic.

Curly ponytail hairstyle design

Do these curls, which are very feminine, make you very excited? In daily life, half-tied ponytails like this are very attractive to women. ponytails with fluffy and slightly curled hair will appear more fashionable, elegant and elegant.

A ponytail woven by a big braid

A ponytail is not necessarily a single braid in many cases, but is composed of multiple braids in many cases. At this time, choosing a ponytail with one braid will make you look particularly simple and natural in summer.

How to tie a simple and beautiful ponytail

When you see these beautiful ponytails, are you very excited? How can we weave a simple and elegant ponytail?

First, use rubber bands to tie the hair you need together. Then after tying the hair, loosen the tight hair to make the head look fuller and better. And you can add a beautiful braided hair or Pteris vittata braid . A beautiful hair accessory, and a fresh and lovely hairstyle will be ready.

Matters needing attention in horsetail binding

Although the ponytail looks fresh, its disadvantage is that the board is not straight. When tying a general ponytail, one should pay attention to making the top of the head round to look more beautiful. To touch the shape of the top of the head with one’s hand, and also comb the sunken part of the hair reversely to make it plump and stand out, creating a stereoscopic impression.

Touch your head, comb the hair on the concave part in reverse direction to straighten it out. And next stick the hair on both sides to the temples to keep the characteristics of a ponytail. Leave a part of your hair. Tie the grabbed hair into a bundle with a rubber band. Wrap the rest of your hair around the rubber band of the ponytail. Be careful not to expose the rubber band.

How to look intellegent by ponytail ?

Although ponytails can make people look young and energetic, they can also make people look frivolous. When taking part in some important occasions or when you want to give people a sense of maturity, curl the bangs on your forehead and hang them down.

This way, although there is less personality. And there is also more intellectual feeling. The hair on the forehead and back are loosely held together, giving a stereoscopic impression. While the hair on the lower part is curled up and fixed with hairpins, which will be more stable if the hairpins are clamped in an X-shape.

The rest of the hair at the bottom is also tied up and fixed. It will be more natural to leave some broken hair at this time. If you want to comb it more cleanly, you can tie up all the hair.

Crooke ponytails for outdoor activitise!

The crooked horsetail binding method is suitable for going to the seaside or outdoor activities. And it is both athletic and girlish. The hair on both sides is tied up or wound up. That means it fully reflects the three-dimensional effect of the whole side and gives people the feeling of vitality and movement.

The front forehead should be combed clean to look fresh, the hair on both sides and the back should look gorgeous, and the hair on the bottom, i.e. ponytail, will be more feminine if it is slightly waved.

Leave some hair instead of rubber bands in the remaining hair, tie the grabbed hair with rubber bands, then grab the remaining hair and wrap it around the rubber bands so that the rubber bands cannot be exposed.

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