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How To Do Chic Natural Short nails Design For Summer Nails


Short nails can be used as lovely style manicures, which will look cute. If you envy those who have long nails, you can choose to make acrylic nails, because this kind of manicures can shape the nails, make the nails longer and cover the defects of the nails. Acrylic short sqaure nails and short almond nails are always perfect choice to look pretty and easy to daily life.

Of course, compared with short nails, many people prefer long nails, because this kind of manicure is amazing enough. If your fingernails are relatively short and you prefer long fingernails, acrylic armor is undoubtedly the best choice. The biggest advantage of acrylic nail is that it can shape the nails, and it can make the nails grow longer from the visual effect, which plays the role of modifying the hand shape.

Manicure plays the same role as nail polish, which is used to decorate the nail coloring, and can increase the beauty of hands. However, compared with nail polish, manicure has more types, wider selectivity and longer maintenance time, ordinary nail polish will fade in a week at most, and manicure can last up to three months.

Girls with short nails often complain that they can only do pure color manicure, but this is not the case. Although the nail surface is small, as long as it is matched with the classic polka dot elements, it will look very lively and lovely ~ Simple regular dots, lively candy color, black and white classic! Remember not to challenge complex styles: first, it looks messy; second, it is not easy to draw.

Regular manicure, nail care is also a necessary knowledge

The purpose of nail care is to make nails more shiny and healthier. Different from applying nail polish, even boys who seldom apply colorful nail polish can also do nail care, let professional manicurists help you decorate your health fingers.

Nail care process 1:

If you apply nail polish now and there is still manicure left on your fingernails, then you need to remove the nail first. The specific method of removing the nail is as follows: firstly, use the cosmetic cotton to dip a proper amount of nail-removing water, and then wrap the whole nail in the cosmetic cotton. Then wrap your fingers with tinfen, wait for a few minutes, remove the tinfen and cotton pad, then soak your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes, clean your fingers with cotton pad, and basically remove the nail polish.

Nail care process 2:

After removing the previous manicure, you can start to do nail care. The first step is to exfoliate. The method of exfoliating is as follows: you need to soften the cutin first, then apply a layer of paraphrase moisturizing oil; then use nail mop to push away the cutin on the nail, using the method of pushing outwards from the edge; then with the help of cutin scissors, trim the paraphrase and remove the waste cutin.

Nail care process 3:

The next step is to do manicure shaping on the nail itself. The method is as follows: Trim the nail with nail tongs, then use nail file to gently polish the tip of the nail to create a perfect a!

Nail care process four:

Polish the nail surface. The method is as follows: use frosted nail file to polish the nail surface, and then use the nail polisher to polish the nail surface in the horizontal way of left and right. After finishing this step, the nails are basically very shiny, it’s very beautiful.

Nail care process five:

The last step is to apply a layer of moisturizing oil to the fingernails to keep the luster longer. Although these steps seem a bit tedious, they are the most basic knowledge of nail care for professional manicurists. If one day you see that the manicurists do not do this for you, then you have reason to doubt her professionalism

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