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50 “High Beauty” Healing Acrylic Blue Coffin Nails For Summer


The welfare time of the blue control fairies is up. All kinds of acrylic blue coffin nails you like are here! Now it’s spring, and the temperature will gradually warm up. With a soft and dreamy blue nails, I seem to smell the taste of the sea and feel super comfortable!

The colorful acrylic material is also popular with young people full of vitality. It’s fun to draw a design full of impact and transparency on a small nail! So, today we will share with you a set of super beautiful acrylic blue coffin nail designs.

Sky Blue Arylic Coffin Nails

Blue is what we call the coldest color. Blue is very pure. It always gives us the feeling of beauty, calmness, bravery, peace, melancholy, open-minded, calm, noble, pure and broad. In our life, the air force uniform is sky blue, and the navy uniform is light blue. According to the color blue can be divided into sky blue, it is the lightest blue, just like the cold sky. Sky blue is a soothing color, which can make you relax and feel happy. The arylic sky blue coffin nail has a different taste.

These blue Are Deep And Charming

Lake blue, is the color of deep lake water, with the sea’s lively jump, beautiful and generous with a little peace and quiet. Sapphire blue, also known as precious blue, is the color of the Greek goddess diamond, giving a noble feeling. Peacock blue is a mysterious color in blue, which can’t be defined. Just like peacock opening screen, it can’t be clear what color it is, and it’s rarely used. True blue is the color of melancholy. It’s a kind of blue with a little purple. Blue purple is the same color as blueberry. It gives people the feeling of a little temptation in ease and a little pride.

Halo Dyeing Blue Coffin Nails

The halo dye nails made of blue has a very charming dreamlike temperament, especially the light blue like this. In the process of halo dye, the natural texture, which changes from deep to light, will be particularly gentle. The whole face of the manicure is full of poetic feeling, either exquisite or perfect.

The arylic blue coffin nail has a very good effect on manicure of A-type. Dark color does not choose A-type itself. No matter you original nail plate is long or short, the blue coffin nail is make your fingers very long. And because blue itself is a color of cold hue, the contrast between light and shade will be more obvious when passing through the light, so it will make the nails look more slender. For girls with short round nails, acrylic blue coffin nail is really a good choice~

A Very holiday Nail Style

Summer is really the best time for leisure and vacation. Sunshine, beach and sea are essential holiday elements. Everyone should prepare some very bright and colorful clothing and accessories to match the holiday mood, especially the need to take some beautiful pictures. If you want to mix nails, you should choose acrylic blue manicure. It will suit any look you wear!

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