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How To Draw Natural Wheat Face Makeup Looks For Beginners ?


“Natural makeup” is the light and elegant makeup, which is based on good skin. Makeup steps include eyebrows, blush, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. If you want to achieve a good light make-up effect, you can only choose one of them for detailed depiction except lip-color mascara, and the rest should be simplified. Today we introduce how to draw a natural makeup looks for beginners step by step.

First of all, remember: the color of light makeup is light, not deep, and you can use less cosmetics.

How to draw natural makeup looks step by step?

Suitable for: girls with better skin.

Emphasis on key points: emphasis on key points of eyes and lips.
Method: use the polishing cream as the base makeup, and then use mascara and lipstick to strengthen.
For people with good skin quality, it is recommended to use the polishing cream directly to modify the skin color, and add honey powder to finish the makeup part, then use mascara and lipstick to strengthen the focus of the eyes and lips.

Step 1: First apply isolation cream on a large area of the whole face, and then press the whole face with the palm.

Step 2: then squeeze out the right amount of BB cream on the brush, and spread out the cheek from inside to outside.

Step 3: Use the eye professional concealer to gently point it under the eyes, and use the finger method of playing the piano to pat the concealer until there is no trace.

Step 4: In order to make the makeup more durable, brushing a layer of honey powder on the whole face can make the makeup better.

Step 5: After dipping Brown eyebrow powder with horizontal brush, sweep away the extra powder on the paper, and then draw eyebrows from the eyebrows.


Lip Cream is the easiest to use make-up, just push the Lip Cream away gently with your finger or lip brush.

Is it better to use a brush or a powder puff?

If the honey powder is used as the effect of fixing makeup, it is better to use the powder puff; for example, when wearing light makeup, use the honey powder to strengthen the complexion, and the powder puff will make the honey powder more docile and the effect is also better. When using honey powder painting, use the way of drawing circles to bring all parts of the whole face; when using powder puff, press the whole face gently, and be careful not to use too much.

Don’t forget the last step of makeup. Perfume, it can make women more attractive!

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