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How To Be Cool Woman? Try These Chic Short Pixie Hairstyle Right Now!


Pursuing personality is a symbol of many contemporary independent women.There are a lot of ways to express your unique personality, so is your hairstyle. Short pixie haircut is always on the top choice for many cool girls and women who really wanna get out of the traditional life nowadays!

Short pixie hair, which generally refers to the hairstyle with the length above ears. The hairstyle is a little more beautiful and special than ordinary short hair and the length, with less feminine flavor and a little neutral style, A hairstyle that is very fashionable and cool and has a good personality.

Super short haircut that really makes one cool!

The feeling of being short is a symbol of being full of personality. In the era when short hair is popular, super short hair is certainly necessary.

Messy short hairstyle is never going out of the fashion stage!

The biggest feature of this hairstyle is disorder. It is the most appropriate to cover up the laziness of Otaku Girls with messy beauty. Messy short hair makes the taste of a cute girl. The key of this hairstyle is to cut out the sense of layers. The hair tail has a slight Radian, which forms the feeling of covering the head, and it has more skin taste of thin face. Otaku Girls can also choose their hair colors according to their skin colors and preferences. The golden brown and brown hair colors will add to the beauty and fashion of this hairstyle.

If you that they are not used to this length, you can add or cut short hair according to their own preferences, but remember that the bangs in front cannot be reduced, or they will lose the sense of fashion.

Edge short haircut gets more popular this season!

Although girls with long hair can choose many kinds of hairstyles, there are still many people who especially like short hair. Short hair gives people the feeling that they are very energetic and capable, which is especially suitable for women in the workplace, but now, in order to save time, the student girls also comb a lot of short hair, which gives people a special feeling, and they can achieve the desired effect without using perm. Now let’s take a look at the pictures of women’s hierarchical short hair style.

Short hairstyle woman ideas for fine hair

Girls have super short hair which is not only handsome style. For example, this style of super short hair is very fresh and artistic, without thick fat powder. Simple super short hair makes people feel like the hipster of nature, A smile is already a foul.

If you have fine hair , the short pixie haircut is right for you to get.

White hair color is the best color I’ve seen for short hairstyle design

With the continuous development of the trend of the times, many girls like to dye their hair. Short hair in Europe and America originally shows exotic style, and dyed it white, which not only attracts people’s attention, but also leads the new fashion. The white short hair looks very cool at first glance, and its shape is unique and unique.

Textured short hairstyle for thick hair makes you unique!

Short textured hair is very suitable for girls with thin hair. Short textured hair strengthens the lines of part of the hair to form textures, making the visual modeling more light and fluffy. Therefore, it is suitable for girls who have less hair volume. Does it seem that their hair volume becomes more! And both the collarbone hair and the short hair to the ear are quite suitable!

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