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How To Makeup As A Super Star —Makeup Tutorial Step By Step For Beginners


Although plain appearance is the true beauty, but in some occasions it is necessary to make up simply, so you still need to learn to make up. But make-up is not as simple as imagined. Only cosmetics don’t know how to choose, let alone the right make-up. Therefore, if you want to learn how to paint makeup, you need to know what cosmetics are needed for makeup, and at the same time, you need to know the order of using these cosmetics, so that you can draw a beautiful makeup.

What cosmetics for your make-up need?

What cosmetics do make-up need? Skin care experts said: If you want to paint a beautiful makeup, you must have nine kinds of cosmetics: Concealer, honey powder, isolation cream, BB cream, eyebrow powder, eye shadow, mascara, blush and lip gloss.

The brands of cosmetics must be chosen well, and do not choose some cosmetics with poor quality, so the cosmetics drawn in this way can be easily dispersed. And the most important step of making up is to apply isolation cream and do a good job of sun protection. Therefore, the choice of isolation cream should be more careful.

After choosing cosmetics, how to use them? Is it to apply isolation cream first? Or draw eye shadow first? In fact, none of them is right. Now we will teach you how to use cosmetics correctly.

Makeup tutorial step by step

The order of use of cosmetics is as follows: isolation cream, BB cream, concealer, honey powder, eyebrow powder, eye shadow, mascara, blush and lip gloss.

First step: Apply a large area of isolation cream on the face, and then press the whole face with the palm.

2nd Step: Squeeze out the right amount of BB cream on the brush and spread it from inside to outside on the cheek.

3rd Step: Gently click the concealer under the eyes, and beat the concealer without trace like playing the piano.

4th Step: Only by brushing a thin layer of honey on your face can you make up better.

5th Step:After dipping the Brown eyebrow powder with a horizontal brush, sweep away the extra powder on the paper, and then draw the eyebrows from the eyebrows.

6th Step:  Brush the semicircle shape on the head and tail of eyes with white eye shadow, then brush a layer of light blue eye shadow along the root of upper eyelashes, and clean the bottom of lower eyelids with pink eye shadow.

7th Step: Use a eyelash clip to clip your eyelash until it is curled, and then add a layer of mascara.

8th Step: Gently pat the blush on your face, do not use too much strength.

The last step is to put a thin layer of lip makeup on your mouth.

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