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27 Awesome Unique Wooden Furniture Design Ideas For Morden And Vintage Home Decor


Some people say that the future furniture design market will be dominated by solid wood, plate and steel. What’s your opinion on this?

Wooden furniture design and panel furniture design occupy a large share in today’s furniture market, which are also sought after and trusted by most people. While steel and wooden furniture, as early as the 1930s S, the commodity industry in our country began the trial production of steel and wooden furniture.

However, although steel and wooden furniture is also very common, it is not known by most people. Then, what is the production process, key points, structural characteristics and market prospect of steel and wood furniture? Do you know what steel and wood furniture is?

Steel and wooden furniture is made of wood (including artificial panel) as base material and steel as base material. This kind of furniture design makes it have the characteristics of both wood and steel, and can realize the functions of folding, disassembling structure and multipurpose. However, what matters is how to seek a good combination of the two kinds of base materials to achieve the coordinated and unified modeling effect, and possess the proper use function and appreciation value.

The soft values of appearance design, space saving, strong matching and so on in modern fashion creative furniture design are getting more and more attention from consumers. How to in the limited space, realizing more functions of living room is the main task of steel and wooden furniture in the new era:

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