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How To Raise Succulent Plants Which Is Not Easy To Die?


For the maintenance of succulent plants, the first thing to do is to choose the ones with good quality and full succulent. If you buy them online, then cut off a part of the root system and buy a flowerpot that you like, when it is matched with the soil with multi-meat, because each kind of plant needs different nutrition, the multi-meat prefer dry rather than wet, so it is necessary to choose the breathable loose multi-meat soil.

Soil: fleshy plants are suitable for the soil with good water permeability, dry, aseptic and insect-free. Illumination: sufficient, shade in summer, and full sunshine in other seasons. Moisture: less watering and thoroughly watering. Temperature: 12-28℃, above 8℃ in winter, below 35℃ in summer. Fertilizer: Apply thin fertilizer frequently, reduce fertilization during the resting period.

After planting a lot of meat, there may be extra soil on the leaves. The dust can be blown away by gas blowing, and then the meat can be placed in a place with sunshine, so that it can grow better, then there is regular maintenance, usually watering once a week or two is enough, there is no need to water it frequently, if there is more water, the meat root will rot, and if the weather is good in summer, it can be placed outside, because the meat raised outside can grow better. If it is too cold in winter, it is better to move back to the room.

Succulent plants are Sandy plants, so the plants should be loose and breathable, mixed with small sand stones. The appropriate temperature is 5-25 degrees. Pay attention to more sunshine, more ventilation and less watering when breeding. It is better to put it outdoors in the sun, not in the glass window for breeding. Ordinary garden soil can not feed much meat but can barely feed. Because of the small proportion of the particles in the garden soil, poor air permeability and easy to be hardened, it is not suitable for the growth of fleshy soil at all.

In summer, you should choose to water it on a sunny night, and never dare to water it when it is hot at noon; in winter, you should choose to water it when it is warm at noon, and don’t do it in the morning or evening. If you become an ice beauty, you will not be far away from hanging; in hot summer and hot summer, spray water to the meat with a watering can to cool the leaves every night. I am the beneficiary. The room temperature can be reduced by 2-3 degrees indeed, which is especially beneficial to the healthy summer of succulent plants.

Fleshy plants generally grow slowly, unlike other plants, but we can also make them grow rapidly by some means. Appropriate environment is the most important. Most of the succulent plants like the environment with good illumination, good ventilation and large temperature difference. The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight and the appropriate temperature difference can make succulent plants have a better state. In addition, if the meat has strong root system, it will also make him grow faster. Another is to change a big basin to give it more development space. Pay attention to prevent plant diseases and insect pests at ordinary times and fertilize them regularly to make them grow healthily.

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