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Sunflower Tattoo You Worth Owning In This Summer


Nowadays, a culture of body display is gradually popular, which requires people who understand art to appreciate. Some time ago there were some tattoo groups who used tattoos and stickers on their left arms, which can be regarded as a new cultural phenomenon and a combination of “fashion” and “popularity”.

Many people are asking girls what kind of tattoos are suitable for their tattoos and where they will look better. In fact, there is no such thing as absolute. Tattoos are more personal and personalized.

They are the release and embodiment of their own personality. Some girls like the more subtle figure tattoo, while some girls like the more exaggerated tattoo. Some girls like to have tattoos on inconspicuous parts, while others like to have tattoos on much exposed parts in daily life, even all over their bodies. Here I sorted out some designs of sunflower tattoos that are more suitable for female students, and gave some small references to female friends who want to do tattoos but are confused and uncertain.

Sunflower Tattoo on Arm

The arm is one of the strongest parts of your body. Even if you don’t have strong muscles, the tattoo on your arm will make your momentum soar instantly. Flowers are a big choice for modern people to get tattoos, and sunflowers symbolizing hope and upward are undoubtedly one of the best choices. Its modelling is changeable, bright and moving, black and grey style flowers, less a gorgeous, more an elegant.

Sunflower Tattoo on Shoulder

The pattern of sunflower tattooed between the shoulder and chest will look very harmonious and striking. Especially when matched with a collar, the tattoo can be perfectly exposed, which will also make many people notice your backbone figure and attract people’s attention.

Sunflower Tattoo on Hand

Some people choose to have patterns on their hands or tattoos on the inside of their fingers. Different patterns on the top of each finger look personalized and beautiful. If you think that tattooing on your fingers is painful, then you can tattoo on the back of your hand and choose a simple pattern that looks very fresh!

Sunflower Tattoo on Back

Tattoos are fashion elements that highlight fashion trends, especially beautiful and sexy back tattoos, which reveal the enchanting beauty of women. Sunflower has a sad and beautiful legend. In ancient Greek mythology, the water fairy Kreite fell in love with Apollo, the sun god, but Apollo did not look at her. The heartbroken Kreite could only look up at the sky at the water’s edge every day and watch Apollo fly through the sky in his glittering car. Later, the gods pitied her and turned her into a sunflower, because the sunflower looked at the heat and light of the sun forever and died. It is more beautiful to have such a sad and beautiful story tattooed on one’s body.

Sunflower Tattoo on Leg

Some people choose to wear tattoos on their thighs. Because the thigh area is relatively large, you can choose some larger tattoo patterns. Girls can have several sunflowers tattooed on their legs, which looks very personal. They can also choose to match a circle of letters or lace patterns, or even a group of butterflies. This effect is also better. Give a person a kind of sexy nifty feeling. And in cold weather, tattoos can be covered by clothes!

Sunflower Tattoo on Foot

Foot tattoos are especially popular in summer, because when you wear sandals or tidal flats, you can show your own tattoo. Tattoos tattooed on feet make people feel low-key taste and often bring surprises to others when they are discovered. Foot tattoo not only has very simple lines, but also can enrich its patterns with colors. Do you also like this simple and simple style of sun flower?

Colorful Sunflower Tattoo

Most of the arm tattoos above are black. In fact, colored tattoos also have a different style.

Today’s tattoos are no longer monotonous in black and white. The sun flower patterns with clear colors are lifelike on the shoulders. The matching colors of black and yellow make the whole more fashionable. The unique design is unforgettable. Fashion tattoos not only show the unique culture of human culture, but also show the charm of personality. How can you miss fashion?

Nowadays, young people all like tattoos. For many people, tattoos are a kind of culture, and every tattoo has a profound meaning. However, the effect of tattoos on different parts is also different.

Don’t you want to have a charming sunflower tattoo in the cool summer? Of course the answer is no. So, come and look at these tattoos recommended for you, they will definitely make you shine at the moment.

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