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Which of the most classic bookshelf designs is your favorite?


For families with more books, bookshelves seem to be an indispensable design. With the popularization of bookshelves in design, bookshelves gradually become a good scenary in a house. So more and more families choose to install “bookcases” in the process of decoration “.

I. Shelf type bookshelf

Shelf bookshelf is often one of the most convenient design styles. Make full use of the three-dimensional space, without occupying too much room area, and realize the storage function of large capacity.

I. Wall-mounted bookshelf

This type of bookshelf is my favorite. It is really great to combine the bookshelf with the wall to maintain a clean and beautiful sense of space and realize the function of the bookshelf at the same time. If the area of the apartment is not enough, you can even smash the light wall and separate it with a storage rack.

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