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120+ Pretty Natural Short Square Nails Design For Summer Nails


Acrylic short nails , you can change your nail shape ,nail color any time!

Girls with short nails envy girls who are born with long nails, but you don’t know that some manicure styles are also suitable for girls with short nails, which look cute and beautiful, look, let alone?

If the gradually changing manicure style is put on the long nail, it won’t look so cute, although the gradually changing manicure won’t make the short nail look longer visually, but it is easy to show the cuteness, beauty and generosity of short nails.

This kind of manicure, which only takes pink as the main color and matches with a simple pattern, will not bring any visual impact to girls with short nails, but it is better than conciseness without losing generosity, present the beauty of short nails in a simple way, and this manicure style suitable for girls with short nails will not be out of date even after 3-4 year .

The recently popular cat’s eye manicure and sweet cherry style manicure are also suitable for short nails. The cat’s eye manicure on the short nails will make the nails feel a little naughty, however, the pattern of cherry blossom with pink color is so sweet that people ignore short nails.

Girls with short nails can also try this group of manicure styles with obvious separation lines. First of all, the method is simple but has a good proportion of lengthening nails. The most important thing is that the method is simple and easy to match, it looks more comfortable with hipster in summer.

Use red solid color manicure and red dizzy manicure, which is full of Chinese New Year’s taste. It is not suitable to make New Year’s manicure ~ Moreover, the popularity of red manicure is not overnight. Red manicure has an enduring position in the manicure industry, and it is a very popular manicure at any time, especially red dizzy manicure, it is even more beautiful, and it is also very suitable for the fairy with short nails

Geometric manicure style is almost born for short nails. Liao Liao’s several strokes can easily block the shortcomings of short nails, making them look more contemporary. Girls with short nails themselves will feel soft and soft, but the geometric manicure style not only makes the nails look cute and beautiful, but also invisibly adds aura.

Manicure with diamond not only has delicate looks, but also is a very safe style, because all the diamonds are concentrated on the same nail surface, and a lot of time will be spent to fix the diamonds in the manufacturing process, therefore, it is not easy to fall off, and the highlights are all concentrated on the nail surface, matching with simple wine-red dyeing manicure, which not only has fashionable temperament, but also looks more eye-catching, it’s really invincible ~

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