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21 Trendy Short Bob Haircut Design For Thick Hair


Short BOB haircuts is characterized by thick bangs, hair lines fitting the facial contour, short length and length of ears. It seems that there is a smooth and full arc from head to back. The so-called roundness refers to the perfect curve in any angle, and the width refers to the sense of plump in layers when viewed from the side. The whole is that the back head is relatively plump and the hair is short and long.

The soft hair sometimes sparkles dazzling luster, just like a girl from Mars. BOB hairstyle is holding the rough vintage trend of this season, and he is popular with thick-soled shoes, patent leather bags and plaid shirts.

Bob hair style has always been popular among girls. Bob hair style with different lengths and different shapes is quite popular in the fashion of short hair in recent years. Girls like to be capable, independent and fashionable. They can try the haircut design of ultrashort wave head, and then push up the wave head with asymmetric design sense. It is creative and full of unique fashion.

Messy bob hairstyle

Short bob with bangs

Wavy Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

A wave head with neat hair tail cut, with a little hair tail on the neck, is made into a one-size-fits-all shape which makes it more capable to show the aura. Two strands of hair are left on both sides for growing bangs, which makes the face smaller when modified, the face and facial features give people a more three-dimensional feeling.

Curly Short Bob Hairstyle

When cutting short hair, it is irresistible to scald the hair into a small roll. The Retro Hippie roll and the upper roll Liu Haimeng exploded. Of course, in order to match this hairstyle, the make-up must not be too casual.

Straight Short Bob Hairstyle

A girl’s ultrashort wave hair style with a sense of layers at the end of her hair. The design of pushing up at the back shows that the whole short hair looks more fashionable and beautiful, which embellishes her face together with the short-cut girl’s eyebrows and bangs, the image of a girl with a small face and an independent personality.

Side short bob haircut

The waving head of the forehead with the hair tail under the chin is a little suitable for the girl with slender neck. In addition, the lengthened face shape of the middle part makes people feel more cool and fashionable when the proportion lengthens.

Short bob with braids

Short bob haircuts with braids shows your elegant and pretty personaility.

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