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Whether you're looking for short square nails, french pointed short square nails, or colorful short nails, here are 77+ natural short square acrylic nail designs to inspire your next manicure! Are you looking for a chic manicure that you can wear casual or dressy? If...

People take off their clothes when summer comes and start wearing open-toed shoes. At the same time, beautiful Summer toe nails designs are also a must. Most of us are.

French tip coffin nails are a classic one that is very attractive and simple. This design often highlights nude or pale pink undertones with striking white tips. Like any nail art trend, the pattern has evolved, and new stories are taking shape. With that out,...

As far as we know, this limitation does not exist when pinning inspiration. We want everything from simple solid colors to dramatic manicures this summer. Regardless of your inclination, there.

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