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How to draw eye makeup to make eyes more attractive?


Today, I will introduce a new eye makeup ideas for you. That is called cut crease. Cut Crease is to use concealer to Cut off the color cover of the upper eyelid and forcibly increase the structural contrast of the eye area.

To put it bluntly, a wider double eyelid and a deeper eye socket are artificially painted on the eyelids. The contrast between the depth of color and light and shade makes the eyes look more layered and attractive.
For example, the following picture is a very typical Cut Crease drawing method.

How to draw cut Crease?

Step 1: determine the color system that you want to draw. And the specific color block you use. Usually, choose 3-5 colors.

For example, I would like to draw an Eye makeup with no exaggeration in color contrast first. The product I use is Camo Eye Shadow Palette, a new product co-branded by sumura and maison Kitsuné.

Step 2: Use light outline color to upper eyelids in large areas.

Gently dip in the eye shadow powder, press it in the middle of the eyelid, and then dye it back and forth forward.

Step 3: deepen the depression area of eye socket with deep contour color.

It’s a important step to draw deep eye sockets to make the bone outline more obvious. And don’t dip in too much powder for the first time. Firstly find the position of the pen and press the eye shadow gently.

Step 4: Use concealer to draw a wider eyelid shape than double eyelids.

Next is the formal truncation step.
First, make sure the upper edge part of your eye socket bone. You can find it by pressing your eyelids with your fingers.

Then dip a small amount of concealer with a brush tool, press the concealer on the part of the eye socket, then draw the arc with the tip of the brush tool, and then fill all the inner areas of the arc with concealer.

Five steps: Press the brightening color in the area where the concealer is drawn.

This step is very simple, as long as the selected bright color is superimposed on the area where the concealer is drawn.

Step 6: Use deep contour color to superimpose on the eye tail again, making the concealer area and the eye tail transition natural.
The main purpose of the last step is to make the whole eye makeup more three-dimensional, clean and flawless.

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