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    40 Chic Female Short hairstyle design to be cool !

    The girl with short hair, the moment when the wind blows, is very soft and with stubbornness and fortitude, which can be simply a combination of loveliness and personality. So, what is the style of short hair popular in 2020? The following is a group of fashionable short hair collected by the editor, which is believed to be an indispensable style of fashionable short hair in 2020.

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    Prediction Of Short Hair In 2020 — Short Bob Hair

    Bob hair is actually popular in the upper class in the 1920s and gradually accepted by the public stratum , but the controversy still exists. However, no matter how loud the opposition is, every era's character women will adhere to their own ideas. Now, Bob hair is one of the most popular hair styles for women. There is no doubt about its fashion sense.

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    21 Trendy Short Bob Haircut Design For Thick Hair

    Short BOB haircuts is characterized by thick bangs, hair lines fitting the facial contour, short length and length of ears. It seems that there is a smooth and full arc from head to back. The so-called roundness refers to the perfect curve in any angle, and the width refers to the sense of plump in layers when viewed from the side. The whole is that the back head is relatively plump and the hair is short and long. The soft hair sometimes sparkles dazzling luster, just like a girl from Mars. BOB hairstyle is holding the rough vintage trend of this season, and he is popular with thick-soled shoes, patent…

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