36 Pretty Fluffy Short Hair Style Ideas For Short Pixie Haircut

Girls with short hair still need to design it simply. Girls with short hair can choose some fashionable short hair hairstyles of girls, which are very beautiful, such a fluffy short hair style is very beautiful.

Look at these girls. After choosing such a perfect hairstyle, the whole girl looks very beautiful, girls like this have different short hair styles, which are beautiful and charming.

Short pixie haircut for small face

For a girl with a very small face, she chose this kind of black level girl’s short hair. This kind of fluffy short hair style is a little fluffy. This kind of girl’s short hair style is fashionable and eye-catching, girls with big eyes show more temperament.

Short pixie haircut for round face

For a girl with a slightly bigger face, she chose the middle-level short hair style for girls, while the micro-curled short hair style for girls, which seemed to be a little small and fluffy, the middle-grade fluffy short hair style can make you sweeter.

Short pixie haircut for straight,work lady

For a girl with straight hair style, the short hair style she chose was very short, while the bangs in front were light and thin, which seemed to be very layered, girls of this level have short hair style which is very avant-garde and OL, and office workers girls are very suitable for this kind of hair style.

short haircut for black hair

The short hair style of girls with black hair color and the style of three or seven points of level short hair style of girls, which also has a little fluffy short hair style and big eyes, makes this kind of short hair style become particularly beautiful and avant-garde, this is very Sister Yu.

short haircut for white hair

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